I Am Moving To South America & You Are Coming With Me!

Tressa Sanders @ Travel Star Magazine

More than 20% of Earth’s oxygen is produced in South America. Let's breathe... Then pack your bags; we're going to South America. During the first week of April, I'll be hoping aboard a cargo ship and heading south where I'm going to frolic until I can frolic no more. Care to join me? 

How am I going to bring you along? I'm going to hire a private flexibility trainer to work with you so you'll be limber enough to fold up and put in my luggage... No? Ok, I'll just have to bring you along in spirit. Over the next several months (and beyond), I'll be documenting my entire move from the United States to South America.

Below are some of the topics I'll cover in the series: Moving To South America.

I'm using the South American content instead of a specific country because I have not yet decided with 100% certainty where I will drop anchor. I'll spare you all of the personal hoopla about why I picked South America because everyone moves or travels for different reasons. Instead, I will start with the steps I took to set my bounce plan in motion. After all, this trip is why I built Bounceplan.com in the first place. 

Money Matters: Plenty of overseas moves have been made with little or no money; however, I'll cover why I chose not to go that route and share my starting budget and expenses.

Getting Rid of Stuff: Purging all of your belongings isn't a requirement for moving overseas but it can be financially beneficial or just plain feel good! I've already started liquidating my assets and I'll tell you all about what I got rid of and why.

Immigration: Becoming an immigrant is an interesting mental transition. When relocating to another country, there's a lot of research on your new country that needs to be done and even more paperwork to actually live there. I will explain the documents I need to gather prior to leaving, certifications, translations, fees and any visa requirements required by my destination country.

Packing: Should I bring it or leave it? These are the questions I will answer when it's time for me to pack up everything I own and move to South America. I'll share with you what I'm packing and why.

Getting There: I'll be taking the road less traveled by going the flightless route for this trip. I'll share with you how I traveled from the US to South America via Cargo Ship and other overland transportation.

Rentals: You can't relocate without having a place to lay your head when you get there can you? You can read all about my adventures in apartment hunting when I get to my destination. I'd never rent a place site unseen so I will arrive having booked temporary lodging and then begin my quest for a place to call home.

I have a feeling I'll end up covering far more than these few topics but these are a start. I hope you stay along for the ride.


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