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Ecuador Taxi Cab Stories You Need To Know

Nothing has delighted me more than getting around Ecuador by taxi cab. They are plentiful, cheap and a safe way to get around. 

There are many ways to catch a taxi cab in Ecuador but my preferred method...

10 Expeditions You Can Do On A Motorcycle

You got yourself a motorcycle, ha? 

You want to do more than just chill at a campground, ha? 

You want to take that little beast on an expedition, ha?

But you don&rsqu...

Loja, Ecuador In 15 Minutes or Less

When I arrived in Guayaquil, on May 5, 2016 I’d planned to stay there for two weeks to hand off immigration documents to a visa facilitator (that’s another story). I arrived less than a month after the devastat...

How To Make Amazing Organic Craft Supplies To Sell

When you are traveling or living on the road full time, you have to be a little creative about generating income to sustain your lifestyle. Who says it has to be boring?


My Amazingly Unforgettable Cargo Ship Cruise 4: The Journey To Freedom

When I boarded the Elisabeth-S on May 4, 2016, a cargo ship headed to South America, I was overstressed, out of shape and desperate for a new way to live. I was moving to a country I had never set foot in be...

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