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A Bunch of Shit I Hate About Living In Ecuador

When I jumped on a cargo ship in 2016 and sailed for 8 days to South America, I was moving to Ecuador. After having researched many countries since 2004, Ecuador seemed to make the most sense for a first move. They use the...

Travel Lock: Portable Door Security That Works

Imagine you’re leaving the country for three months so you secure your belongings and leave. When you get back, you learn your neighbor went into your home and tried to get into the room where you stored all of your ...

Ecuador Taxi Cab Stories You Need To Know

Nothing has delighted me more than getting around Ecuador by taxi cab. They are plentiful, cheap and a safe way to get around. 

There are many ways to catch a taxi cab in Ecuador but my preferred method...

10 Expeditions You Can Do On A Motorcycle

You got yourself a motorcycle, ha? 

You want to do more than just chill at a campground, ha? 

You want to take that little beast on an expedition, ha?

But you don&rsqu...

Loja, Ecuador In 15 Minutes or Less

When I arrived in Guayaquil, on May 5, 2016 I’d planned to stay there for two weeks to hand off immigration documents to a visa facilitator (that’s another story). I arrived less than a month after the devastat...
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