Guest Article Proposal

Travel Star Magazine


Travel Star is an online magazine for those living a life of adventure and exploration. We offer supportive and informative articles about adventure travel, expeditions, living abroad and creating income to fund this lifestyle.

Would you like to submit an adventure/travel-related article for Travel Star? We would love to hear from you! Please, read our guidelines carefully. Then use the form below to tell us more about the adventure/travel-related article you would like to submit.

Things we would love to publish:
- Your exciting or thoughtful adventure travel stories.
- Your original and unique expedition tips.
- Step by Step instructions for expeditions.
- Step by Step instructions for moving abroad.
- Step by Step instructions for starting and/or running a business to fund this lifestyle.

Things we don't want to publish:
- Press releases.
- Content already covered in our magazine.
- Promotional content.
- Inaccurate or offensive content.
- Sport fishing or sport hunting content.
- Content that has already been published.
- Content that you don't have a right to submit.

Who can write for Travel Star:
- Travel Writers
- Expats Worldwide
- Digital Nomads
- Travel Photographers
- Travel Documentary Filmmakers
- Expedition Leaders and Team Members

Content Guidelines:
- Articles must be at least 1,000 words.
- Articles must be original and unpublished.
- The shorter and more powerful the title the better.
- You can only submit 6 owned or royalty-free images.
- You can include multiple links within your article.
- No affiliate or sales links of any kind.
- Links must include the HTML markup and anchor text.

Submission Guidelines:
- Accepted formats: Plain text or text email.
- A short 2-3 sentence bio is required.
- A headshot or logo is required.
- Your bio may include 1 anchor text link to your website.
- We reserve the right to edit you headline, article and bio.
- Submissions must meet our quality standards in order to be published.
- Once you submit your article it becomes the property of Bounce Plan, Inc. & Travel Star Magazine.
- We do not allow you to republish your guest post anywhere else afterward.

What's next?
- If your article meets our standards, we will contact you to let you know within 2 weeks.
- Due to the volume of requests we receive, if you have not heard from us within 2 weeks, we are unable to publish your submission.